Saturday, January 22, 2011

Slice of Life: Day ...

I've lost count, and I haven't taken a picture every day.  This is going to turn into just take a picture when something is really interesting in my day.

I promise you, and you've probably already noticed, that not every day of my life is interesting.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Slice of Life: Day 102

Today me and Steph went out to the mall and library.  What did I buy?  A book and hand sanitizer.  I know, that makes me sound like I'm 60.

Then consider that the hand sanitizer was called "Vampire Blood" and I'm pretty sure the book belongs in the young adult section.  Now I sound like I'm 14.

I also bought rock candy and a kids meal at Chick-Fil-A.  Now I sound like I'm 6.

I suppose if you average those all together I become a normal age, right?

Slice of Life: Day 101

I mean, why wouldn't people want to live in Florida?

Slice of Life: Day 100

Thesis work is slow going, because the machine likes to break a ton.

I was pretty sure that this time it was broken because of that little red thing being not-so-nicely attached.

I have since figured out what was actually wrong and fixed it (woo!), but when I took this picture I intensely disliked that little red thing.

Slice of Life: Day 99

I am lazy and progress is slow.  At least I dismantled the fallen bookshelves?

Slice of Life: Day 98

I am never ever setting up these bookshelves ever again.

I am giving them away.

Boooo bookshelves!

At least it's forcing me to organize my room?

Slice of Life: Day 97

One of the most exciting things about coming back to Tampa was that Kathryn was babysitting (catsitting?) this little guy.

Super super affectionate kitten.

I loved it.

Slice of Life: Day 96

Packing to go back to Tampa.  Sad.

Not that I hate Tampa, more that it means going back to thesis work.

Boooo thesis work.

Slice of Life: Day 95

I love Sarasota.

Too bad the windows had screens.

Slice of Life: Day 94

Happy New Year with friends! Celebrating at Applebees, where else?