Tuesday, March 1, 2011


8:05am Alarm goes off.
8:40am Woke up again, dragged myself out of bed.
8:45am Made coffee and drank a cup.
9:30am Finished everything except the conclusion of my paper.
9:31am Had another cup of coffee.
10:00am Wrote the conclusion to my paper.
10:30am Drove to school, circled around for parking.
10:45am Parked.
11:00am Called the IS people to please come fix the computer in the lab.
12:00pm Waited.
1:00pm Waited.
2:00pm Waited.
3:00pm Got sick of waiting. Called tech support for the lab equipment, even though I couldn't use the machine.
3:05pm Get put on hold.
3:35pm Hear ringing, get connected to the same lady that put me on hold. Explain I was already waiting to talk to a specialist. She says there is a long wait, they will call me back.
3:35:01pm As soon as I hang up, my phone rings. It's a specialist. I explain my problems, he says to e-mail him a file.
3:37pm E-mail him the file.
3:38pm E-mail him the right file.
3:45pm Get a response that doesn't make sense. Try to determine if it's because he doesn't understand my question or I just really really don't understand anything.
3:50pm Respond to the e-mail asking again, because I really think he didn't understand my question.
4:00pm Wait for either his response or the school tech support to show up.
Now: Still waiting. Update blog about waiting. I hate waiting.

I hope your day has less waiting.