Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I don't know how we're in month 10 already.  What happened?  Wasn't it just New Years?  This makes me sad because I feel like I've only seen some of my best friends once or twice since then.  Is that possible?  I must be wrong.  If that's being an adult then I don't like it.

However, I am now a Master of Science in Public Health, and that I do like.  I am also gainfully employed as an industrial hygienist.  And I like it.  A lot.  I like the work so far, I like the company, and I even like travelling on work trips.  All this and it's only been a month!

And I moved.  In with the bf! And I did give away all of my old furniture.  I'm actually happy that I gave away the blue striped couch I loved, because now we have a pretty green couch that I love 100x more.  I didn't think it was possible.

And I also like cooking now.  And am kind of good at it.  And I don't think I'm allowed by the grammar gods to start this many sentences with "and", but this is how I talk so they can deal.  We've been eating a lot of vegetarian/sometimes vegan meals.  By a lot I mean I haven't bought meat to cook with in over a month, but we still eat whatever we want when we're out or at someone's house.  I think it's a really good system, especially since it's really not that expensive to eat healthy when meat isn't involved.  My grocery ideal budget is $50 a week, which I've actually met a few weeks.  For two people, breakfast lunch and dinner? Not bad.

I like life right now.  A lot.  I suppose I like that it's October too.

It's okay October, you can stay.