Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life List: Donate Blood

I've donated blood twice before today, once in high school and once freshman year of college. The first time was fine and great; the second time was not so fine and great and I almost threw up. I did try once more, but they denied me because I had left the country. And then I just never got around to it. For...4 years. I've been meaning to try again.

This week I got an email for a blood drive at school, and if you donate twice then you can win tickets to the superbowl. OF COURSE I'll donate blood then! (Little did I know I would also get $10 to Ikea, can I donate again right now please?)

So after eating lots of food and drinking lots of water all day, I was fine. New life goal: become a regular blood donor (i.e. more than once every four years).

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