Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Slice of life: day 1.

I love sports. Love love love sports. Since my favorite teams include the Buccaneers and the Seminoles, the Rays are the most fun to cheer for right now. Hello postseason!

Today was the regular season home closer for the Rays, and since attendance at the games has been low (or awful enough for the players to complain), the club gave away 20,000 free tickets. Yes, those zeros are right.

And of course I skipped class and talked my wonderful (but not sports loving) boyfriend into going. And he liked it. My favorite part was that everyone was so pumped from the beginning. There wasn't anyone performing the national anthem, just an instrumental version playing, but by the last 1/3 of the song the entire Tropicana Dome was loudly singing. It was fantastic. When does that ever happen?!

So did they win? No. Was it worth it? Heck yes.

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