Friday, December 10, 2010

Slice of Life: Day 72

I think this is kind of turning into a food blog.  I post a lot about food.

In reality, it's not because I know a lot about food, just because my life really is that uneventful where I have nothing else to write about.

Keeping that in mind, this is my second favorite purchase from Whole Foods on Wednesday.

I've made cookies using whole wheat flour before and they turned out rather flat, possibly because of the denser flour (is it really denser? I'm just assuming.).  I got really excited about this flour.

So on day 72 I made some cookie dough with this flour.  It was delicious.  I would tell you if it made a difference in the cookies, except I didn't bake any of it.  I just made cookie dough to keep in the fridge and snack on.

Go ahead and judge me, but haven't you ever made cookies and eaten the dough and thought "it's too bad we have to bake this"?  I'm an adult and I don't have to bake it if I don't want to!! So freeing.  And delicious.  (And to save my from myself, I only made 1/6 of the recipe.  Tiny bowl of cookie dough.  And there's still a lot left.)

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