Wednesday, April 13, 2011

English Muffins!

I go through food phases. I find one thing I enjoy eating, and then I eat that thing for many meals at a time. It's probably not very healthy, but it is convenient when you're only feeding yourself and always have leftovers. They get eaten.

Lately my food phase has been whole wheat english muffins. In case you don't buy english muffins, they're almost $4 for a pack. I didn't buy them for a very long time because that was just more than I was willing to splurge on bread. However, I saw them on sale for buy one get one free recently, and for the first time it occurred to me that "no, I can't eat all those before they get stale, but I can freeze them!". (Little did I know that no, actually, I can eat them all before they go stale.)

I decided that making english muffins would probably be cheaper than buying them. (Okay you got me, I ran out of english muffins and was too lazy to drive to the store. Only I would think that mixing dough and letting yeast rise and spending two hours making english muffins is "more lazy" than driving half a mile to Publix.) I looked for recipes on the internet, and the internet delivered.

I used this recipe because her blog (I'm assuming it's a her, but maybe it's a him) looked legit and the pictures looked delicious. I didn't have high hopes of mine turning out actually looking like english muffins, but I figured I would be happy with just some homemade bread. However, I followed all the instructions and MINE LOOK LIKE ENGLISH MUFFINS!

I can't find my camera, and my phone isn't connecting to my computer, but just take my word for it. They look like actual english muffins.

And they are delicious.

I made half the recipe and wound up with 7 of them. This should last me a day or two.

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