Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wanna-be Crafter

I'm totally a wanna-be crafter. I could be an actual crafter, but I have little to no patience for crafts. I also have very little motivation to do crafts on most days. The actual crafting doesn't seem so bad, but its the getting all the supplies out and then cleaning it all up at the end. And the frustration in the middle when I can't make it look like the picture.

Even though I know this about myself, I still collect bookmarks for crafts I want to do "someday". Here are some of my favorites, that maybe someday will get done.

This mason jar soap dispenser from apartment therapy is so simple and so so cute.  The handy thing is, I already buy soap in the really refill jar.  And I happened to break the top of the old soap dispenser when re-screwing it on.

Now that I look at this, I actually need the top to that, so that's not helpful at all.  It's actually really inconvenient.

I still want to make this though, it will happen someday!

I've been using one of those zipper pocket Vera Bradley wallets with the key ring since November, and I'm converted.  I love it.  I saw this tutorial to make a cuuute zipper wallet, and I want to do it.

The only thing stopping me is that it looks like a lot of cutting.  And a lot of sewing.  And that's a lot of patience.

But it looks like the front pocket would hold my cell phone!  How handy is that?!  I need to find some cute fabric, and some patience.

Last but definitely not least, I WANT TO MAKE THIS PRETTY PINK PLANNER.  I know it's more of a tutorial of how to make your own planner in general, but I want that one.  Exactly that one.

I've even bought some pink glittery sticky back foam that I found.  The problem with this is finding something to use as the small binder that's a reasonable size and price.  This may need to wait until I have a real job, so I can do it right.  I'm so excited though.

And she's Swedish.  Those labels are in Swedish.  But that only accounts for a very small amount of the love that I have for that planner.  Someone make it for me please?

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