Thursday, October 7, 2010

Slice of life: day 8.

I'm still aware that it's day 9, but really I do promise that this is from day 8.  I made a skirt yesterday! Using a sewing machine!! I generally don't get along with sewing machines, so this is a big deal.  These elastic waistband skirts are really easy to make though, and if I can make it, that's saying something.  I'll let you in on a little secret: I am not particularly crafty or artsy, and I have almost no patience when it comes to projects like this.  When I get the urge to do something crafty, I have to do it right then and finish as quickly as possible.  If I don't it will just sit in my closet (or on the kitchen table) for years until I move and throw it away.

Here's what I learned from making it that I should do differently next time:
1. Iron the fabric first. (I know, common sense, but I ignore most things like this.  Just wait and see.)
2. Cut the fabric to it's desired length and shape (evenly) before sewing it to the elastic. (Yes, you read that right.  I sewed the lining and the skirt to the elastic waistband before I knew how long it was going to be.  It ended up really really really uneven.)
3. Learn how to sew the side seam so it doesn't create the huge puffy butt effect.  While popular a few centuries ago, I don't think it's a trend that's going to be making a reappearance anytime soon.

All of these things aside, it's cute and wearable and homemade! So exciting!

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